Zidane’s pants, right or stylistic disaster?

The new coach of Real Madrid opted on Monday for a modern and carefree set that is far from the suit jacket he wore in his first presentation, in 2016

All eyes were on Monday at Zinedine Zidane. His return to Real Madrid as a coach returns the lost hope of the players, who are not going through their best moment, and restores the wishes of the fans of the whites to see their team again at the top, as it has been forever.

However, despite the enormous weight of the words of the Frenchman in his speech – assuring that next year things have to change – many eyes could not help but look at his particular style. A set consisting of jeans, white shirt, charcoal gray blazer and sports shoes in the same tone.

Apparently a “look” of the most normal and adapted to the new trends that reign the “street style”, but with some stylistic error. Skinny jeans worn skinny fit in excess body care of the new coach of Real Madrid after dispensing with Solari. Although undoubtedly the highlights were the bottom of the pants, folded up.

A set that moves away from the image he gave at the first press conference he offered when he arrived at the white club for the first time, in January 2016. On that occasion he chose the classic suit with which he gave a much more serious image and formal.

On the other hand, his wife, Véronique Zidane, chose for the presentation of this Monday an elegant white dress-jacket complemented by an inner lingerie shirt in the same tonality, with which she was most favored.

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