Monkey grabs a camera for a selfie with a stunned family on holiday in Bali… and flips the middle finger!

  • Mother-of-three Judy Hicks and her family were on a holiday in Bali, Indonesia They went on a trip to the Ubud Monkey Forest, homes to hundreds of primates When taking photos, they were stunned by a monkey who joined in for a selfie Looking back at photos, they saw the monkey had given them the middle finger

A family got the holiday snap of a lifetime when a monkey grabbed their camera and took a selfie – before giving them the middle finger.

The family from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia were on a dream holiday in Bali, Indonesia when they decided to make a day trip to the popular Ubud Monkey Forest.

Judy, 37, Simon, 36, and three kids Elijah, 13, Jimmy, 11, and Kayleigh, eight, visited the sacred forest, where hundreds of monkeys reside.

They asked a local guide to take photos of them during the day and were stunned to look back at the snaps and see the curious monkey flipping its middle finger.

The family of five were stunned when the monkey appeared to have given them the middle finger during a selfie

After looking back at the pictures, mother and administration worker Judy said her family burst out laughing.

Judy said: ‘We were only in Bali for a week and thought it would be fun to go on a day tour around Bali.

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