Did you know that a basic point of the makeup world is to learn to take advantage of your natural look? Not only is it about the features, also the color of your skin, so if you’re dark and do not know how to use a day make-up, do not worry! You are in the right place to learn how to do it and show off your skin tone to the maximum. Here we tell you how.

  1. Always use a base. Although it seems a step that you can do without, the truth is that that is not entirely true, because for your make up look impeccable you need that the finish of your skin is also. You will not achieve this unless you are using the perfect foundation for your skin. How to choose the correct one? Simple, identify your skin type and choose your base:
  • Dry skin: you need to give hydration, softness and luminosity, use Fit Me Dewy + Poreless.
  • Oily skin: you need to control the shine, try Fit Me Matte + Poreless.
  1. Apply a little of Dream Matte Blush in Coral Crush tone on your cheeks, a blush in ointment that will give you a super natural touch and perfect for the day. Only apply with the fingertips, its smooth texture you will love instantly.
  2. A touch sunset kiss? Super yes! This finish is ideal for the day, you just need to find the perfect highlighter tone for your skin tone and the occasion, that’s why we recommend Master Chrome. A perfect metallic pink tone for you to apply just above your cheekbones, eyebrow bone and a little on the bone of your nose to the tip.
  3. Get some false eyelashes using The Falsies Push Up Drama, apply with the brush from root to tip, we recommend repeating the step 2 times to lift and give volume to your eyelashes, of course depending always on the look you are looking for, it will be your fav mask for its push-up effect from the moment you use it!
  4. Finish your look with natural-colored lips. Use the matte color range of Sensational Color Inti Matte Nudes, try with tones such as 560 Raw Chocolate, 570 Toasted Truffle and 555 Naked Coral. These shades will create a super cool contrast with your skin tone and will give your make-up an incredible natural finish.

You’re more than ready to look super cute every day, wherever you go! Show off your new look with a selfie on your networks and wait to receive all the likes of your friends.

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