The cat is an animal of solitary and nocturnal nature, that evolved between the desert and the savannah, places from where it spread to the rest of the world. For us, the most significant change in their evolution is the one that allowed them to arrive at our homes as a pet. This is how we come to benefit from your company and that your well-being has come to depend entirely on us. Only by knowing him truly will we know if we can give him exactly what he needs.

To understand the cat as a species, the first thing to know is that its behavior has nothing to do with that of the dog, nor with the medieval legends that survived to this day, not even with the preconceived ideas, due to the lack of information .

In this sense, almost no one believes that the cat is a representative of the witching world, nor that crossing with a black cat will ruin your life due to the misfortune that implies. However, it is necessary to combat the belief that it is a treacherous and authoritarian animal – two characteristics of human nature and not animal behavior.

The hygiene habits of the cat also make it a very peculiar animal and a perfect pet for the indoor life, since it does not release body odor and learns very easily to use the sand (doing it only with about 21 days of age).

Of course, the cat is the best pet for those who love cats, but it is also for people who spend a lot of time at home or who, for some reason, are forced to remain almost constantly at home. It is also ideal for someone who wants to have a pet, but who does not have time to take you for a walk. The only requirement is that he respects his own personality, which has nothing to do with that of the dog.


According to studies conducted, many of the behaviors that develop in specimens during gestation are directly influenced by the behavior of the mother. Therefore, whenever possible, it is appropriate to know under what conditions she lived during this phase, although this is not as important a period as that from birth to 6 months of age, which is the one that mainly marks the future of the kitten.

It is in the first phase of this period of your life that socialization will take place (between the second and seventh week of life), which will be the key to the kitten being more or less sociable, that is, accepting or not with naturalness the presence of other animals and humans, as well as the remaining stimuli coming from the outside. It is therefore very important to ensure that the kitten has not been separated from its mother and siblings during this period.

Yet every living being is susceptible to the influence of the environment in which it lives throughout its life, so a cat can change its behavior according to the treatment it receives, both for good and evil, and regardless of its age.


Once we know the age of the cat we choose, it is necessary to decide whether we want a male or a female. The main difference is that, as adults, males can mark the territory, that is, our house (which produces a very intense smell). In the case of females, they will have recurrent cios, often accompanied by meowing strong.

We must point out that the opinion that a cat must reproduce to feel “fulfilled” or that its health is not impaired is completely wrong. The animal does not have a scale of values, such as humans, and it has been proven that its long-term health is impaired when it is not surgically sterilized.

In this sense, surgical sterilization of both sexes is currently a veterinary practice with solidly proven benefits, among which is the inhibition both of the cios, and of the territorial marking impulse, with sex being able to take second place at the time of decision. In addition, the benefits of surgical sterilization also affect your health because it increases your average life expectancy by reducing your risk of suffering from certain diseases. The only thing that you should take into account after surgical sterilization is the nutritional needs, which change, and should give you a food adapted to these new requirements.

If the age and sex of the cat are important to the choice of your pet, your appearance is also important, especially if they are physical characteristics that involve special care, such as the most frequent brushing in cats with long hair.

Although the common cat is still the most common as a pet, there are a large number of breeds of cats. Developed later than those of the dog, the breeds of cats nowadays have many adepts that find in them exemplary with specific physical characteristics, such as the color of the hair and of the eyes, the morphology of the body,

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