French woman reunites with the American boyfriend she hasn’t seen in the 75 years since they fell in love during WWII.



There are millions of love stories in the world, but every now and then one excels, like this.

Falling in love is a universal human phenomenon without a universal definition. It can be a slow-building fire or a flash in the pan. It can happen over the years or with a single cup of coffee. Sometimes it becomes inflamed and fades, and sometimes it lasts a lifetime.

We all love a good love story. With so much pain and sadness in the world, the stories of the enduring power of love lift us up and remind us of the beauty of real human connection.

We also love the stories of people who live well in old age and have meaningful experiences in their later years. Such stories give us hope and remind us that anything is possible.

This story of an American man and a French woman who met during World War II is both, and will make you believe in the mystery of love and lasting power he can have.

K.T. Robbins and Jeannine Ganaye fell in love when Robbins was stationed in France 75 years ago, but their relationship would be short-lived.
He was 24. She was 18. He was serving in the United States Army, stationed in his village in northeastern France. Both were caught up in the trials of war and the triumphs of newly discovered love.

According to TODAY, when Robbins was transferred to the Eastern Front, he had to say goodbye quickly to Ganaye. They talked about the possibility of him coming back for her. He took a picture of her with him.

They wouldn’t see each other again after that.

Robbins was sent back to the United States after the war, where he eventually married and started a hardware store. Ganaye also moved on, married and had five children in France.

Both had left World War II with thoughts of reunion. Ganaye had even begun to learn English in the hope that Robbins would return. But life passed, and those hopes had to be abandoned. “You know, when you get married, after that you can’t do it anymore,” Robbins said.

However, none forgot the other. And none of them could have predicted they’d get another chance 75 years later.

Robbins and Ganeye, now Pierson, recently met for the first time since the war, and seriously it’s the sweetest thing.
He’s 97 years old. She’s 92 years old. His 70-year-old wife has passed, and her husband has also passed away.

Robbins was interviewed by a French television station for a D-Day anniversary segment and shared his still photo of Pierson.

She thought that perhaps they could trace down his girlfriend’s old family, without imagining that she herself would still be alive, or that she would live 40 miles from the village of Briey, where they had met more than seven decades earlier.

In a video shared by France 24, a reporter informs Robbins that Pierson is alive and well and that she is waiting for him to meet with her. His surprise and joy are palpable as he laughs and kisses the reporter on his forehead.

The video then cuts to the previous couple’s meeting, and their chemistry is instantaneous. “Jeanine Ganaye,” Says Robbins, as she approaches her. The two hug and she kisses her face over and over again. There are smiles and tears when they sit next to each other, holding their hands on each other.

“I’ve always loved you,” Robbins tells him. “You never came out of my heart.”

Pierson told the TV station, “I always thought of him, thinking maybe he was there, that maybe he’d come.” The two spent several hours together before having to separate once more, but this time with plans for another meeting.

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