Formerly we learned how to make up our eyes as our mother, sister, aunt, neighbor, cousin or friend taught us. It was not at all simple to have information about techniques, products, among other things. Maybe, you could find info in some other magazine where it appeared a very basic step by step, or a TV show where they taught you routines that were almost impossible to replicate and you asked with despair. And where do I buy all those products? Today that is a thing of the past, and it is super easy to find basic tips to cover your eyes almost everywhere.

There are so many makeup techniques for eyes that it would be impossible to try to enumerate them all here: smokey eyes, glossy effect, a single shadow, lifting effect, cut crease, double delineated, natural look. You get the point girl!

But have you considered making a super and infallible basic makeup kit suitable for every look? It is not necessary for you to buy a giant kit, it is better to have a few products and then as you go occupying enlarge your cosmetic little by little with what suits you best.

The most important thing to start building is that you find your style that you feel comfortable with, that you like it and if it suits your skin type, physiognomy and personality. Once you buy a cool case to store all these products, this is what you will need:

1-Shadows: You can find palettes of many colors, individual shades, or trios that are compact and comfortable to transport. Powder, cream, gel. You will also have to decide if you prefer fantasy colors, nude tones, palettes with infinite colors, summer, autumn and all that you can come to mind.

2-Makeup Brushes: They will serve to apply and blur the shadows. But eye! Many products already bring applicators, so it is preferable that you do a little research and see which ones they bring and which ones not only to buy the brushes that you need. You will find synthetic hair or natural hair brushes. An extra bonus tip: Keep them very clean, it is important that you do it every 2 weeks, so the result of your makeup will always be great.

3-Eyeliner: In every basic eye makeup kit it is essential to have a good eyeliner. The Precise Skinny Master is perfect to adapt to any look you try. You will achieve a defined and precise delineation and approve of water.

4-Eyebrow pencil: Choose the most similar to your hair color. Thus you will achieve versatile looks when you want a natural eyebrow or a more marked one you can do it.

5-Eyelash curler: There is a lot of variety in the market. Try to invest in one of very good quality, think that with it you will be gutting your eyelashes almost daily. Spending a little more will help prolong life and health of them. In the long run it will be an excellent investment!

6-Eyelash Mask: Another product that can not be missing in this basic kit. You can find waterproof or water based masks. Some add volume, others will give false eyelashes effect and even curl them in an incredible way. Those looking for a more daring look are encouraged by masks that are vibrant colors.

7-Hair removal clip: This basic will help you keep your eyebrows clean so you can make up and stay perfect.

8-eye make-up remover: The last on the list, but not the least important. You will find biphasic for sensitive eyes, some even come with vitamins that densify the eyelashes. Others allow you to remove makeup from your eyes and lips. Do not forget that there are also the same products in the form of wipes make-up remover. Choose the one that suits you best!

And since you have this super ready basic kit the most important thing, have a great time inventing new looks! alone or with your friends. Try new techniques, new ways to make up, in this way you will know better the shape of your eye and you will discover with what look you look better.

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